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Log analyzer - WebLog Expert

Describing menu items

The main menu

Click the 'Menu' button and the following menu will appear:

  • Help: Open the Help System window.
  • Tips and Tricks: Display 'Tips and Tricks' window.
  • About: Display information about program.

  • Open received files folder: Open the folder where all received files are stored.
  • Messages History: View messages history.
  • Offline Messages History: View offline messages history.

  • Options: Display PopMessenger Options dialog window.

  • Always on top: Show PopMessenger main window on top of all other windows.

  • Send Message: Send a message to a user. You can also send an Offline and Broadcast Message

  • Exit: Close PopMessenger.

User context menu

Right-click a nickname to view the user context menu.

Pop Messenger user context menu

Group context menu

Right-click a group name to view the group context menu.

Group context menu

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